Sunday, June 21, 2015

Hadi's Stream of Consciousness

Since I am not really good at blogging, I am going to just start rambling and see what happens, and hopefully this blog post can give you a closer idea of what is on a Stnehill Corps mind these days...

Plub, Plub. Raindrop after raindrop—is the monsoon getting closer or has it come already? Does that mean the temperature is going to drop, or will it just get more humid?

Spider, Get the heck out of my room. Okay, maybe I will let you live, if you eat this mosquito invasion! But will eating make you even bigger? Oh God.

[While the community is leisurely watching a show in the living room] Hey look, a beautiful butterfl-Wait. Cockroaches have wings?! Evacuate the house everyone!

Cats or rats? Rule number 1: Kittens are not allowed in the house. Rule number 2: If nobody is looking, then maybe? Role number 3: Kittens are not allowed in the house. But, they are so cute! What are the American/German cat importing laws? Can I take one home with me? They are family now! Right?

GET OUTTA THE ROAD!!! Walking Steaks crossing the street? I must be hallucinating. Always thinking with my stomach... I wonder what food from home tasted like… Muffins, brownies, cupcakes, waffles, pancakes, berries… BERRIES! Blueberries, raspberries, blackberries strawberries. What else? The meat whose name I shall not pronounce… Burgers, Avocado, Sushi!!! Okay, I will stop here…

Mangos, Star-fruit, Jackfruit, Lichi, coconut water. Wish that stuff grew at home. Home? Home…

Rainy day, dream away


Sunny day, melt away…

What time is it? Better be on time they used to say! Or, should I take my time? Different philosophies I guess. Stressed vs. Relaxed? Productive vs. unproductive? There’s something to learn from each side.

Things are starting to take shape. Experience is slowly converting to knowledge, I think. Has it been half a year already? Time flies by, don’t be afraid trying to catch it.

Plub, Plub, Plub. Rainy day, melt away....

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